Latest Update of AstroNav: 14 October 2010

The latest version of AstroNav is v 1.1.6

Download AstroNav_Update.exe by clicking -> HERE

If any other strange behaviour has been found, please report it.


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Changes/ Updates

1.1.6 Several Almanac pages/ days can be printed.

        Bug fixed when loading saved Sights caused a crash

1.1.5 A Sight's Manual Calculation can now be printed.

        Option to change tab order for Sights to provide easier/ faster input without using a mouse.

        Magnetic Variation updated to latest IGRF model's data.

1.1.4 Magnetic variation correction in AltAz

1.1.3 Corrected search referencing using alternative names of stars

1.1.2 Corrected unpredicatable display of the day for Almanac pages.

1.1.1 Changes to Flamsteed designations (Sextans)

1.1.0 Fixed an input problem for some Windows Regions settings