Historical Events

These commentaries attempt to match historical events while avoiding controversial evidence. Use the linked headings for the supporting information.

The eclipse which marked the death of Jesus is straight forward. It occurred on Friday 3rd April 33 AD.

The Star of Bethlehem falls in two parts. There is nothing in the Bible that states the phenomena marking the birth of the special king and the star that the “Wise Men” used to navigate to Bethlehem were the same. It is far more likely that they identified the phenomena and then used a surrogate star to navigate by.

Referencing the Biblical texts to astronomical phenomena, Jesus was born on the 17th June 2 BC and died before his 34th birthday on Friday 3rd April 33 AD. There are no other legitimate contenders +/- 10 years.

The Star of Bethlehem marking the birth of a king
There were a few unusual astronomical events in the period 10 BC to 10 AD that would have interested “Wise Men” of the time.

The most likely contender was the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Leo on 17 June 2 BC. Such an event occurs every 2,000 years and accords with both the age of Jesus at his death and the common associations across the various branches of astrology. (It had to be sufficiently unusual for the “Wise Men” to justify their trek. For such a journey, it had to be a phenomena of once in a thousand years or more.)

Several contenders have been put forth as the Star of Bethlehem but a review of the possible contenders to an event  that would only occur every few thousand years or so, limits the field. Enforcing a royal (astrological) connotation limits the field to 17th June 2 BC which made Jesus 33 years old at the date of his death and three years into his ministry. This accords with the Bible and the practice of the time.

The Star of Bethlehem: How the Wise Men reached Bethlehem
Examining the Star of Bethlehem as a navigational puzzle leaves no real alternative as to the star by which they navigated or the final month of their journey.

The Star was Almak and their route was from the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsular via Petra.

The death of Jesus.
According to the Bible, the sky turned dark when Jesus died. On Friday 3rd April 33 AD there was a Lunar Eclipse which ended about two hours after Sunset in Jerusalem.

It had to be a Lunar Eclipse because Passover is defined as a Full Moon event by the Jewish calendar. There are no realistic alternatives  +/- 30 years.

Despite Mohamed’s beautiful question; “How can a man go into the desert, look to the stars and deny that their is a God,” no significant astronomical conjunctions for his birth could be found. Likewise for Hitler, Stalin and several other major historical characters.

Alexander the Great is on the “To Do” list as his father instructed his wife to hold off giving birth until the perfect planetary alignment for his birth occurred.


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