Altitudes & Azimuths

Sight planning using AstroNav allows the information to be tailored. The 270 stars of equivalent brightness to the standard “Selected Stars,” can be included and/ or the list can be simplified by excluding stars less than 10 in altitude. The list can even be sorted by any of the columns for quick identification of stars of interest.

Sight Planning

Sextant, Observed or True altitudes can be displayed. Azimuths may be True and/ or Magnetic bearings. There is also the option to display the bodies around an Altitude/ Azimuth or position  on the Celestial sphere.

Sight Planning Options 1
Sight Planning Options 2
Sight Planning 2

This is the result of a search around Vega for stars to Magnitude 10. All stars can be identified by  Tycho designation, 70% by Henry Draper designation and 33% by Hipparcos designation. This is because these (most) catalogues are incomplete to Magnitude 10.

Stars near Vega

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